Welcome to The Corporate Center

Welcome to The Corporate Center

Please note that as of April 10 we are no longer in the Parcel Pickup business.

We have sold that arm of the company to Strader Ferris International (SFI). SFI is locate across the road right behind our former location. Their full address is 808 Commerce Park Drive, Ogdensburg, NY. They operate a very similar service to what The Corporate Center used to provide, with the ADDED BENEFITS of convenient pickup hours 7 DAYS A WEEK, FREE storage for up to a year, and AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATION by email when packages arrive. Their website is here:  www.myusaddress.ca

There is no need for concern or worry - the parcels and files that we had on hand as of April 10 have been transferred to them and inventoried in their computerized system. Any packages that are shipped to 812 Proctor Avenue are being automatically delivered to them as part of the sale of this part of our business.

When you come and pickup your parcel, you will be given login credentials for the www.myusaddress.ca website - you do not need to open an account online if you have parcels awaiting pickup.

It has been a pleasure to serve all of you over the years and I am confident that as another local family owned business, Strader Ferris International will provide a hands-on solution to your cross-border package needs.

Yours truly,

Marlene Chapple
Corporate Center International Inc.


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Please note that we are now open from 10:00 a.m. - Noon EVERY Saturday with the exception of Holiday Weekends.

We also will open up by appointment if you are unable to make it during regular business hours - please call to discuss your requirements!


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